From Tweet to Termination

Social media is everywhere these days, including in the workplace. But can your tweets, posts, or comments lead to your termination? The answer may surprise you.

Generally, employers can create policies preventing employees from using social media devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) while at work. An employee can be disciplined if she violates that policy and uses a social media device while at work.

However, employers cannot prevent employees from discussing the terms and conditions of their employment, even if it is done online using social media. Employees are free to complain about their work conditions or treatment by managers on social media sites. And employers are not allowed to punish them for doing so.

The Takeaway

If an employer has a policy preventing all employees for using social media devices while at work, then employees must follow the policy or face discipline. But employers cannot prevent employees from discussing work conditions on social media, even if the discussion is unfavorable. Be sure to check your employee handbook and all relevant policies to determine your company’s social media rules.

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